Summary: You may wonder why you can’t play Blu-ray discs on PC and what are the equipment for Blu-ray playback on PC. This article will show you what equipment you need for Blu-ray playback on PC.

What equipment do I need to play Blu-ray on my PC

Blu-ray disc is becoming more and more popular for its large storage capacity and HD video effect. But you may get frustrated that they can not even be read by the computer, including desktop computer, laptop, Mac, tablet computers, etc. There are several reasons for a PC not being able to play Blu-ray discs directly, such as no Blu-ray drive, no native Blu-ray support, encoding and Blu-ray disc protection, etc. This article will show you what are the equipment for Blu-ray playback on PC.

Why can’t Blu-ray play on PC?

1. No Blu-ray drive. Blu-ray is a new format, so the old optical drive cannot read Blu-ray discs.

2.Native Blu-ray support issues. Because of Sony’s licensing on Blu-ray, it is pretty difficult to Blu-ray discs on your PC.

3. Encoding. Blu-ray discs are encoded with programming beyond that of a normal DVD, such as region code, AACS or BD+ from the latest bluray disc, etc.

Equipment for Blu-ray playback on PC
If you want to play a Blu-ray disc on your PC, your components must be Blu-ray compatible. Blu-ray requires fairly robust and reliable hardware for the smooth playback of Blu-ray disc on pc. Most new operating systems offer compatibility and are equipped with the Blu-ray drive, while some older ones do not, so we suggest you upgrade your components on your computer to get smooth Blu-ray playback. Check what you need:

1. PC hardware
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11;

Processor (CPU): Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or equivalent AMD Athlon™ processor or higher recommended;

Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher recommended;

Hard Disk Space:250 MB of free disk space;

Disc Player: A internal or external Blu-ray drive. Since Blu-ray discs utilize a technology different from a Blu-ray supported disc drive is necessary to play BDs on a notebook. Make sure the USB of the Blu-ray drive is 2.0 or above. If you have purchased a new computer within the past year, chances are good that it may include a Blu-ray disc drive.

2. Internet connection
You will need to download Blu-ray player software on the Internet and decrypt Blu-ray discs.

3. Blu-ray Player software
Why do we need Blu-ray Player Software? Windows and Mac operating systems currently both do not have native Blu-ray support, so you still won’t be able to watch a Blu-ray movie with Windows Media Player, VLC or Quicktime even if you may have all the right hardware. Blu-ray player software, a third party application, can remove the restrictions of protected Bluray Discs and ensure high-quality Blu-ray playback without the confines of an electronic player. UFUSoft Blu-ray Player is an excellent Blu-ray player software product, which can be used both on Mac and Windows.

4. A Bluray Disc(BD)
Once you have the necessary euipment, you can enjoy high-definition playback of the latest Blu-ray movies on your PC.

Check the equipment for Blu-ray playback on PC, if you still miss one or two, you need to hurry and get them all to enjoy Blu-ray on PC.

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