The new Windows 11 has tempted 4.8 per cent of modern PC users to upgrade as of Oct, 28, according to The Register. Microsoft always tries to make Windows user-friendly in every aspect. However, this new Windows OS doesn’t come with DVD player app, just like Windows 10. When you insert a DVD into your PC’s DVD drive, you may find it doesn’t provide an option to open the DVD. Well, how to play DVD on Windows 11?

It’s easy to play DVD on Windows 7 with available Windows DVD support. Windows DVD Player can give you a big assistant. However, you may get surprised at the news that Microsoft would not include Windows Media Center in Windows 11/10/8. In other words, you might not play video, DVD or Blu-ray on Windows 11/10/8 any longer with Windows DVD Player. DVD support is not applied by Microsoft as nowadays computer, especially like ultrabooks and tablets have no DVD drives. So Microsoft provides DVD support for licensed DVD player. Many people don’t want to lose the feature of DVD playback when they upgrade their computer to Windows 11/10/8. Then this article is prepared for you that on how to play DVD on Windows 11/10/8. There are many ways to do this.

Method 1: Third-Party Windows DVD Player to Play DVD on Windows 11/10/8

You can handily use Windows DVD Player on Windows 11/10. But for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 users, you can’t get Microsoft DVD support. Moreover, Windows Media Pack, which is added Media Center to Windows 8 Pro or 8.1 Pro, has no longer been available for purchase from Microsoft since the date of October 30, 2015. Then are there alternatives to Windows DVD Player on previous Windows versions, which can support DVD playback in Windows 11/10/8?

UFUSoft Blu-ray Player

UFUSoft Blu-ray Player works as a powerful Windows DVD player to play DVD/Blu-ray disc, folder, or ISO files on a Windows computer. You can also play any HD/SD video files and enjoy the immersive audio effect.

  • Play DVD/Blu-ray disc, folder, or ISO file on your Windows computer.
  • Play DVD files in high quality audio as Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1/7.1 channel audio.
  • Play MP4 and any other video format, including HD and 4K.
  • Lossless sound effect as well as HD image quality.

Step 1: Download DVD Player

After connecting the DVD drive to your Windows computer, you can download and install UFUSoft Blu-ray Player on your Windows computer.

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Step 2: Load DVD file

Insert your DVD disc into the DVD drive. Then, click “Open Disc” button to load the DVD file.

Windows DVD Player VLC

Step 3: Play DVD file

Choose the DVD disc and click “OK” button to play your DVD disc.

Windows DVD Player VLC

Step 4: Choose option

This professional DVD player also gives you multiple options, including Play Movie, Chapter, Audio, Subtitle and Other Titles for better visual experience. After that, you can enjoy your favorite DVD movies on your Windows computer at ease.

Method 2: Play DVD on Windows 11 with Windows DVD Player

Microsoft removes built-in DVD playback capability and provides Windows DVD Player instead. Windows DVD Player is a paid app which is available to buy from Microsoft Store. You can use the free trial to check your DVD drive’s compatibility with Windows DVD Player before purchasing the full version for $14.99.

Windows DVD Player can be used to play commercial and homemade DVDs on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Simply put a DVD into your disc drive and click Play to enjoy movies directly from DVD.

If you are unwilling to pay for Windows DVD Player, there are also free DVD players for Windows 11.

Windows DVD Player VLC

Method 3: Play DVD on Windows 11 with Third-party Free DVD Players

VLC Media Player

As the most frequently-used free and open source media player, VLC is capable of playing a large number of multimedia documents, streaming protocols, video CDs, audio CDs and even DVDs. It is able to play DVD folders, DVD discs, and ISO files like a Windows DVD Player.

Step 1 Download, install and launch VLC Media Player on Windows 11/10/8.

Step 2 Insert DVD to computer.

Step 3 Add the disc by clicking “Open File”. Then DVD playback will begin in VLC window.

Windows DVD Player VLC

BlazeDVD Free

As its name indicates, BlazeDVD Free is a free DVD media player, which can smoothly play any SVCD, VCD, CD and DVD. It also supports audios and 1080p HD video playback. This alternative to Windows DVD Player provides users with full-featured playback options and controls. Besides, the software can also let you make a slideshow for imported images, manage bookmarks and playlists. The free version is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11.

Step 1: Install and launch this free Windows DVD Player alternative for Windows PC.

Step 2: Insert DVD and choose Blaze DVD Free to play DVD.

Step 3: You are allowed to set subtitles, personalize DVD playback settings and set DVD audios as you like.

Windows DVD Player VLC


5KPlayer is another useful free Windows DVD Player alternative which has the capability to play DVDs on any version of Windows. Apart from that, it can also support play 4K/5K UHD, 1080p HD videos. 5KPlayer also has a default radio player which enables you to listen to radio originated from Capital, BBC, LBC, Kerrang and so on.

Step 1: Download and install 5KPlayer. And click “DVD” in the main interface to load DVD disc from the computer.

Step 2: Select a DVD disc you want to play.

Step 3:¬†Click “Open” to begin DVD playback.

Windows DVD Player 5KPlayer

In this article, we mainly talk about Windows DVD Player. In case you don’t know how to play DVD on Windows 11/10/8, we show you some great Windows DVD Player alternatives to help you play DVD on your PC. Hope you can better enjoy your DVDs after reading this post.