Solved Blu ray on Asus Laptop Doesn’t Play Issues

“Asus Laptop Help, Cant play Blu Ray? Is their a way to get a free blu ray player software on my asus laptop?”

“My Asus G53J laptop is supposed to be a Blu-Ray player, however when I insert a blu-ray, my laptop makes some weird noises for a few seconds, but then nothing happens…nothing pops up about the inserted disc at all and I’m not sure what to do. Windows had to be reinstalled recently on my computer because of issues, so is there some sort of driver I need to download in order to play blu-rays, or am I just going to have to go buy a blu-ray player? “

Many Asus laptop users will happen the above things when you want to enjoy or play a blu-ray movie with it. Why you faid to play blu-ray with Asus laptop? What are the reasons of blu ray wont play on Asus laptop? Your issue could be due to a few different things:

1. A faulty drive.

2. A bad Blu-ray disc.

3. Outdated Blu-ray player software.

4. An incompatibility between your disc and the drive.

The last two possibilities are the most likely. Essentially, Blu-Ray is still such a new format that not all drives will read all discs. And not all player software will recognize all Blu-ray movies.

To give you a personal example, I have a Blu-Ray drive on my Asus laptop with two Blu-ray Software, an older PowerDVD and new purchased UFUSoft Blu-ray Player software. The older PowerDVD will not play certain Blu-ray movies, while the new UFUSoft Blu-ray Player will.

Here’s what I suggest you to:

First, try to watch a different Blu-Ray movie on the drive. If another movie works properly then you know you have some sort issue with the Blu-Ray disc or with compatibility.

In either case, download and install the free Trial version of UFUSoft Blu-ray Player for Asus laptop, which you can do at the following link:

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Once installed, try to play the Blu-ray movie on Asus laptop again.

If that doesn’t resolve it AND you were able to watch a different Blu-Ray Disc movie, then if possible I would have the disc checked by trying to play it in a different Blu-Ray player, like the latest version of PowerDVD, but it will cost you much money and also not sure to play the blu-ray movies well. So i suggest you to let UFUSoft know what blu-ray disc you are trying to play and they will help to let the blu-ray disc movie playable.

On the other hand, if you are having issues with other discs as well, then it sounds like the culprit is probably the drive. The first thing I would do is check Asus’s website–or contact them directly–to see if there is a firmware update for the drive on Asus laptop. And if the drive will not read ANY Blu-Rays at all then you will want to look into getting the drive replaced.

Unfortunately, due to hardware, firmware, and Blu-ray player software issues, watching Blu-Ray movies on a Asus laptop can be a frustrating experience. So have a good luck.

Download and Buy UFUSoft Blu-ray Player Software for Asus laptop:

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