Play Standard Blu-ray BDMV Folder with Windows Blu-ray Player

What is standard Blu-ray folder?

A standard Blu-ray folder has an identical file structure with the original Blu-ray disc, which often consist the files like BDMV folder(index, MovieObject, PLAYLIST folder, JAR folder, STREAM folder, BACKUP folder, etc.), CERTIFICATE folder, etc. To preview this type of file folder, you need a player software can deal with disc movie folder file directly. UFUSoft Blu-ray Player Software is one of the choices for its support for Blu-ray movies. A common Blu-ray folder may be like below.

Standard Blu-ray Folder

As a lot of users may choose the BDMV folder for playback, but UFUSoft should choose the parent folder of BDMV folder in order to read the movie content correctly. That means UFUSoft Blu-ray Player should load a standard Blu-ray folder or it will fail.

A simple guideline:

Now you are clear that the right way to load a standard Blu-ray folder with UFUSoft Blu-ray Player Software: 1. After running, click “Open Disc”;

2. choose “Open Folder” in the pop-up window

3. locate to the parent Blu-ray folder and click “Select Folder”.

Please note never extend the folder to choose the BDMV folder, or UFUSoft will fail to load.

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