Summary: UFUSoft MacBook Air Blu-ray Player allows any Mac users to enjoy Blu-ray movies on any types like Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO Files, BDMV folders of Macbook Air directly with an external Blu-ray drive.

The MacBook Air is the most advanced notebook computer created by Apple Inc. Extremely low weight and thickness make it ultraportable. The popular diagonal display sizes of MacBook Air are 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch, and all of them currently use SSD storage and Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs, with a choice of different specifications. However, its disadvantage is obvious as well. Although upgraded, MacBook Air still can not ship with Blu-ray playback. Therefore, its fans and lovers make every effort to find a way to play the high-definition Blu-ray film on their beloved MacBook Air. Finally, it paid off. By the fabulous MacBook Air Blu-ray Player, you can feel easy to have a Blu-ray entertainment on your MacBook Air.

UFUSoft MacBook Air Blu-ray Player or Mac Blu-ray Player is famous for first successfully playing Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO files, BDMV folders on all Mac models, such as iMac, MacBook Air, Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro. It features high resolution of up to 4K UHD, 1080p, DTS 7.1/5.1 supported, lightning speed, friendly UI, and other great functions. MacBook Air Blu-ray Player will present the best Blu-ray for you.

Hereby, we will introduce how to play Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO file, and BDMV folders on 13″ MacBook Air.

First of all,you should have a Blu-ray drive at hand. (You can buy one whose USB should be above 2.0 from stores or Amazononline)

Step 1: Connect the Blu-ray drive to the 13″ MacBook Air via the USB interface

Step 2: Get the UFUSoft MacBook Air Blu-ray Player

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Step 3: Install and run MacBook Air Blu-ray Player software on your MacBook Air

play blu-ray iso files on mac

Step 4: Play Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO file, BDMV folder on MacBook Air

Insert your BD into the Blu-ray driver and UFUSoft MacBook Air Blu-ray Player software will load and the BD will be played automatically.

Otherwise, you can press “Open Disc” button to select BDMV folder or press “Open File” button to choose Blu-ray ISO file to play.

load Blu-ray disc

Finally, you can have a great Blu-ray fun on your MacBook Air.

play local video files

By the way, you can change it into full-screen mode, which will bring you into a more fantastic Blu-ray media world.

Note: MacBook Air: 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB/256GB flash storage, Mac OS X 10.10 or above (macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey).