Summary: If your Blu-ray disc can’t play on laptop? Please read this article, you will know the reason and get a solution to solve the problem for Blu-ray playback on laptop.

Blu-ray disc is becoming more and more popular for its large storage capacity and HD video effect. But you may get frustrated that your Blu-ray can’t play on laptop. There are several reasons for Bluray can’t play on laptop directly:

1. No Blu-ray drive.

Blu-ray is a new format, so the old optical drive cannot read Blu-ray disc. You need to buy a standard external Blu-ray drive in stores or from amazon online. The USB of the drive should be above 2.0.

2.Native Blu-ray support issues.

Because of Sony’s licensing on Blu-ray, it is pretty difficult to Blu-rays on your laptop, especially on iMac. Windows is the only operating system that can play them back natively. However, there are a few workarounds. So you need a third party application to help you.

3. Encoding.

Blu-ray discs are encoded with programming beyond that of a normal DVD, so you must have proper software that decodes it properly for the movie and remove region code, AACS or BD+ from the latest bluray disc and a third-party software that allows an external Blu-ray player to communicate with your laptop (including iMac).

Here is a best way for Blu-ray playback on a laptop – UFUSoft Blu-ray player, it can solve the Bluray can’t play on laptop problem. UFUSoft Laptop Blu-ray Player is an universal multimedia player that supports all Blu-ray and media formats, as well as ISO format. It can remove AACS or BD+ from the latest Blu-ray disc. What’s more, it is quite easy to use and with great output quality.

After you have equipped your laptop with a Blu-ray drive, download UFUSoft Blu-ray Player for laptop to your computer. Please follow the steps to see how to play Blu-ray on your laptop. Before this, you must make sure that your laptop is equipped with Blu-ray drive.

Step1: Download UFUSoft laptop Blu-ray Player software windows version or Mac version and install it.

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Step2: Open Disc. Simply by one click on the button, then choose your Blu-ray disc, the program will automatically read the right format and start playing. Or you can click Open File and choose a file from your local disk to play. You can easily play Blu-ray on laptop now.

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