“I have ripped several Blu-ray movies I own to folders on my hard drive. The movies are ripped with a Mac Blu-ray Ripper and placed in folders with the name of the movies. I always rip with the “Movie Only” option, and the Blu-ray movie folders on my hard drive contain BDMV and Certificate subfolders. But i can not play with QuickTime on Mac, so anyone can help to play Blu-ray folder on Mac?”

“Can some tell me how to play a blu ray disc that i have in a ripped pure format. That is to say its the exact form of the folders on the disc. So i just these on my hard drive, how do i play these on the mac? do they need to be converetd to another format? if so to what? Thanks.”

For its super high quality, Blu-ray has been used more and more widely. As the increasing Blu-ray Discs came into market, there is an urgent demand to have an excellent Blu-ray player to present its extreme audiovisual entertainment. Right now, a fantastic software – UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player- makes it come true. UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player for Blu ray Folder is the world’s first and best Apple media / Blu-ray Player supporting both Mac and Windows OS. It can support all Blu-ray movies, not only Blu-ray Disc, but also Blu-ray ISO and Blu ray folders. And Here let’s get to know how to play Blu-ray movie folders on Mac.

Step 1: Download Mac Blu-ray folder Player
Then install it on your Apple Mac.

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Step 2: Run Mac Blu-ray Player for Blu-ray folder
There are two buttons in the middle of the interface: “Open File” and “Open Disc”.

Step 3: Open file
Press “Open Disc” button and the open dialogue will pop up. Select “Open Folder” and then select the desired folder in Find Directory. Press “Choose” button.

play blu-ray folder files on mac

Now you can enjoy the Blu-ray folder movie on Mac with super high audiovisual quality.